Please note that DHL does not deliver to every region of Russia- and delivers to some regions called Low Value, conditionally.

*For Low Value regions, non-commercial purchases do not require additional permissions with value of the goods up to 220 USD and weight up to 5 kg (11 lbs). However, orders above 220 USD are considered as import and may be subjected to different kinds of taxes. We advise you not to order above this amount if you are from LV values as we will not be responsible for any issues that may arise. If you want to import our products to Russia for wholesale purposes, refer to our wholesale page:

You can find the Low Value districts list here.

In order for us to deliver your orders to you safe and sound and/or prevent the order if we cannot deliver to that area of Russia please make sure to:

  • Write the correct postal code when entering your full address with LATIN LETTERS. (e.g. Arkhangel'skiy Pereulok, 15Ас9, Moscow, Russia, 101000)
  • Write your phone number without missing any digits (e.g. +7 9673738660)

If we cannot deliver to the postal code you provided, “Sorry, we cannot dispatch to this area. Please check the documentation for areas we send to.” will show up after you entered your payment information and you won’t be charged.