Nerchau Hobby Acrylic Paint Glossy, Vermilion Red


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36 brilliant colour shades in 59ml., highly lightfast. Dries to a gloss finish. Low-odour, water-based, water-dilutable. Usable for airbrush when diluted. Water resistant - easy cleaning of pain- ted objects. Scratch and rub resistant - items of everyday use and furniture remain undamaged. Universal application. For indoor and outdoor use, weather- proof. For use on all grease-free and stable painting supports.

The colours are perfect for the school and leisure area, for crafts, hobby and decoration, as well as for reverse glass paintings, rustic-style painting and model making. The individual colour shades can be perfectly mixed with each other. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use on all grease-free and stable painting supports such as paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass, plastics (no PE), ceramic, stone, styrofoam, air-drying modelling pastes,and many others. Nerchau Hobby Acryl gloss dries quickly, water resistant and is lightfast after drying. Best adhesion and weather resistance is achieved on absorbing surfaces.