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Shipping worldwide, Hobium Yarns is here for all your hobby needs! In business since 2014, Hobium Yarns has served many satisfied customers worldwide with more than 10,000 products. At Hobium Yarns, you can find all kinds of products for knitting, crocheting, sewing & embroidery, macramé, cross-stitch, punch, and more. You can browse the newest products from Turkish and global brands with just one click. Besides, thanks to the sales held almost weekly, you can purchase the products you need or want to try without overspending.

What's Available at Hobium Yarns?

All kinds of cotton, wool, lace, t-shirt, paper, and macramé yarns; knitting needles; crochet hooks; Tunisian hooks; circular needles; fixed knitting needles; interchangeable needle tips; tapestry needles; embroidery threads; printed gobelins; acrylic dyes; magazines; buttons; amigurumi supplies such as keyring chains, amigurumi eyes, amigurumi glasses, fiber filling, shoe soles, pins, pincushions, scissors, bag ornaments, punch needles, and knitting kits. Hobium Yarns’ advantage is finding everything you need for a project in one place and purchasing them from your mobile device without walking around the stores.

A Haven for Yarn Lovers

Hobium Yarns is a haven for yarn lovers who love discovering new yarns and fibers. You can access a wide range of knitting yarns in the Yarn category, from cotton, wool, polyester, anti-pilling acrylic, lace, mohair, silk, alpaca, angora, chenille, bamboo, cashmere, and lace to t-shirt, paper, and macramé of all yarn weights. There is always a yarn suitable for the season, occasion, or budget. Check them all in the yarn categories. Don't get lost!

Our Recommendations

We understand that endless options can be intimidating. If you’re looking for some advice, we can recommend some of our and our customers' favorites. For cotton and cotton blend for amigurumi, baby and summer projects, La Mia Cottony, La Mia Baby Cotton, YarnArt Jeans, YarnArt Jeans Plus, Gazzal Baby Cotton, SMC Catania, Yarnend Amigurumi, La Mia Pastel Cotton, La Mia Mercerized Cotton, La Mia XL Mercerized Cotton, Kartopu Baby Natural, Kartopu Organica, DMC Natura, Loren Natural Cotton, Loren Natural Baby are all-time favorites.

If you are looking for something to warm you up in the winter, we can easily recommend La Mia Just Wool, La Mia Wool Easy, Gazzal Baby Wool, Gazzal Rock & Roll, Madame Tricote Paris Merino Gold, La Mia Big Bang, La Mia Wonderland, YarnArt Merino Bulky, La Mia Angora, YarnArt Shetland Chunky, YarnArt Tweed, DMC Woolly, Rozetti Alaska, Himalaya Combo, Himalaya Ultra Cashmere, and YarnArt Ambiance.

If you want to enjoy your hobbies while being eco-friendly and cruelty-free, we have already compiled the options for you. You can find our recycled and repurposed yarns like Spagettiyarn Barbante, Spagettiyarn XXLace, Spagettiyarn Macrome Cake Yarn, Etrofil Re-public, Loren T-shirt under “Recycled Yarns” and our cruelty-free yarns under “Vegan Yarns.”

For those who enjoy or would like to try multi-colored or shimmery wonders to add a statement to their projects, we have exceptional variegated, glittery, and cake yarns: Loren Happy, YarnArt Flowers Cotton and YarnArt Flowers Moonlight, YarnArt Jeans Crazy, Etrofil Puzzle Cake, Madame Tricote Paris Camilla Batik, Mirafil Bella Cotton, SMC Catania Color, YarnArt Ambiance, Gazzal Happy Feet, YarnArt Pacific, YarnArt Manhattan, Rozetti Napoli, Himalaya Socks…

If you are more of a giver and would like to gift something to a knitter or crocheter but don’t know where to start, we've got it covered for you. You can find amigurumi and hat kits, and Mini Yarn sets in 30 and 20 different colors.

Our Tools & Accessories category features the most popular knitting needle and crochet brands, knitting and sewing helpers, and amigurumi and knitting accessories you didn't know you needed. Pony, Prym, Clover, ChiaoGoo, Addi, KnitPro, Singer, La Mia, and Loren Crafts are the quality brands you will encounter here. All kinds of knitting needles, crochet hooks, Tunisian hooks, circular needles, fixed knitting needles, interchangeable needle tips, and luxury needle and crochet sets are present at suitable prices. Besides, you can check the pom-poms, buttons, and accessories like keyring chains, amigurumi eyes, noses, glasses, fiber filling, shoe soles and clips, pins, pincushions, scissors of all sizes for adults and children, bag ornaments, and punch needles to add to your orders.

The Hobi Baby category brings all yarns and accessories needed for baby projects together. You can also find pacifiers and natural wood products there.

Under the Amigurumi Supplies category, everything mentioned so far regarding amigurumi projects, like yarns and accessories, can be explored at once.

Our Sewing & Embroidery category is as rich as our Yarn category. Crafters who prefer sewing and embroidery work can find countless supplies and products needed like sewing threads, sewing and embroidery tools, embroidery threads, embroidery hoops of wooden, metal, and plastic, cross stitches, punch supplies like needles and embroidery fabrics of renowned brands like Coats, Orchidea, Duftin, RTO Baltic, SKC, DMC, Drima, and Kartopu in this category.

The Clearance category offers export surplus products of prestigious brands which have proven themselves with their quality and reliability over time. Every product in this category is offered for sale after the control of the Hobium team. There you can find limited but top-quality products at the most affordable prices. Do not forget to purchase as much as you need when buying from those.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce our very own brands La Mia, Loren, Loren Crafts, and YarnEnd. They are produced by Hobium and are only available on Hobium Yarns’ website. Thanks to the high-quality yarns with amazing color palettes, and reliable and practical accessories offered, they have become crafters’ favorites in a short time. You can check every product of La Mia, Loren, and YarnEnd on hobiumyarns.com and lamiayarns.com. Some of the favorite La Mia, Loren, and YarnEnd products are La Mia Cottony, La Mia Pastel Cotton, La Mia Mercerized Cotton, La Mia Bamboo, La Mia Fettucia, La Mia Baby Cotton, La Mia Baby Boom, La Mia Boom Plus, Loren Natural Cotton, Loren Natural Baby, Loren T-shirt, and YarnEnd Amigurumi. We also offer gorgeous handmade wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks in various numbers, La Mia Rosewood and La Mia Whitewood series. Business owners worldwide can become a distributor of those premium products by purchasing them wholesale with very affordable prices.

Why Hobium Yarns? More than 10,000 products with 3-5 business day worldwide safe delivery with DHL Express. Easy and safe payment options. Engaged customer services. Money-back guarantee for faulty products. Weekly offers with amazing discounts. 15% off welcome coupon to new members and continuous 15% off coupon after every purchase. 30% off plus extra discount wholesale service. (Visit Wholesale Page for further information.) Our free pattern blog blog.hobiumyarns.com and YouTube channel Hobium Yarns with amazing ideas, patterns, and knitting tips from talented crafters.

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