From 1 July, 2021 the Value Added Tax (VAT) rules in the European Union (EU) will change. The VAT exemption for the importation of goods with a value not exceeding 22 EUR will be removed. As a result, all goods imported to the EU will be subject to VAT.

What does that mean for our EU customers? Currently, our EU customers were able to purchase our goods online VAT-free if the consignment of good(s) was valued at €22 or below. This will be ending on 1 July 2021 and all purchases made from EU will be subject to EU VAT. For imports valued at €150 or more, regular duty and tax rates will still apply. The buyer’s delivery address will determine the country-specific VAT rate, which is calculated upon total paid amount for most countries. To help you see the tax cost beforehand, we inserted a VAT widget calculating the estimated VAT to the cart page. The widget allows to change the country to see the VAT subjected for different countries as well.

As we ship orders delivery duty unpaid (DDU), import VAT will be owed by the customer at delivery and will not be our responsibility. DHL or your country’s customs authorities will contact you about the VAT process. Please be aware that if you decide not to take the order after it arrives to your delivery address because of the VAT applied and the purchase returns to us, we will not be responsible for the refunding of any costs.