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our Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Site Terms of Use and practices relating to the processing of your personal data and your rights under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, we wish to inform you with respect.

Our company KARKOM DIGITAL TRADE Inc. our site (including mobile applications), privacy of visitors-member-customer information, the protection of personal data, storage, processing-use-destruction, commercial electronic communications and other issues, the principles set forth Privacy-Policy and Practice Terms of Use It applies.

  • Data Protection

Visitors / Members given by / side from for the security of the information obtained and the process according to the nature of the measures necessary information and transactions the Company or by the relevant partner technical organizations, the systems and internet infrastructure, within the technological possibilities and cost factors are taken with the appropriate technical and administrative methods.

Your use of our site (if any) all credit card transactions and approvals independent of the Company related to the bank or card organizations is carried out between online credit card "password" as the information can not be seen by our company and is not registered.

Membership to our site (if any) of the product / service purchase and update the information entered information purposes, as well as credit cards and debit cards belonging to confidential information can not be viewed by other internet users.

  • Purpose and Process for Personal Data Processing Information

To take measures necessary for the protection of privacy and personal data with all legal principles concerning the processing of personal data in order to comply with the storage-disposal policy; visit our site, you with further information exchange and communication with all kinds of personal information or you do not,

you receive / you're interested in customer service related products, consumer rights and you can benefit from other facilities, their associated commercial-financial-legal responsibility and fulfillment of the obligations, all kinds of product and service promotion, advertising, communication can be made, membership, sales and card transactions, to inform the , the realization of applications and, where necessary or required to legally legitimate interests provided that any damage to your basic rights-freedom, legal all legislation concerning the protection of the personal data (law-regulation, etc.) can be treated with prescribed methods-methods.

Therefore, your personal information, our company and the other aforementioned organizations-interest when necessary for legal reasons, both general and personalized products, services and be able to benefit from the facilities, the need is any kind of party or of others product and service promotion, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing , store cards, credit cards and membership process, with the aim of making information and applications, automatic / non supplied with the methods, the inherited legal maximum time for the processing of an object according to information the nature of not being exceeded for a period to be prescribed appropriately inside and outside writing / magnetic archives be saved , storage, preservation, storage, to be rendered may be obtained, using, for updating, modification, combination, reordering, classification, announcement, sharing, (out-home) to be forwarded,transfer and envisaged in the personal data legislation other operations in (Hereinafter all to co-express "processing" or "process (e)" hereinafter) may be subjected, if legally obligatory for some applications also have permission may also be requested.

This privacy instructions where to collect this information and requesting information from you Hobiumyarns website, store and safeguard issues are subject to the provisions of other laws and regulations in force in these instructions with conditions.

  • Our site Cookies (Cookies / Cookie etc.) Application

Cookie, is a piece of information that is automatically placed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit any website. This cookie server can recognize your browser. Internet saving cookies on our servers make it easier for you and we can make the site also analyzes site performance assessment is possible. Most internet browsers accept these cookies even though, as you will not accept cookile your browser or you can set any cookie to alert you when you sent. However, when properly certain parts of our site that you do not forget that in accepting cookies may not work., certain Web pages or e-mails "Web beacons" ( "action memo" or "clear GIF technology" can also be called) can be called using the Internet technology. Web beacons are a number of visitors entering the site, or the number of clicks on a specific part of the site it helps to analyze the site's activity by measuring. Web beacons, cookies and other tracking technologies do not provide personal information about you parser. This automatic tracking technologies, but your personal information by registering or sending e-mail you if you give willingly yourself, your use of the Internet and / or interactive e-mails can be used to improve the service provided to you by providing information about you.

  • Your Personal Data Processing - Your Legal Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

Name, surname, nickname, age, gender, marital status, living area, educational level, interests, clothes including all kinds of products and services to the shopping habits of-choice for interests, tastes and likes, invoice contents, nude the mobile phone, the device codes , cookies (cookies) information, web beacons information, IP non-address, email address, technical advertising identifier-ID information and position data such as personal information collection methods and legal reasons, which aims to be processed and to whom for what purpose so that the given information to you in matters may be transferred Besides the;

has been processed your personal information personal information on it has been committed to that used for the purpose, both domestically and learning third parties, except as imported, to know and the right to request information on all these issues, as well as the correction in case of missing or incorrectly processed to be, legal requirements and according to method erasure or destruction and do not want to notify a third party to transfer the data in this case, also, knowledge of your automated systems to appeal to the emergence of a result against you with the means to analyze with and processing in violation of the law if you suffer a loss with the reason that you have the right to demand the removal,

-All these issues Data Specialist Company Karkom Digital Trade Inc. We provide your information to contact. Our company related regulations and in the period to predict their personal data storage-disposal policy, personal information partly / totally destroyed (deletion, destruction or anonymization) Visitors like to make transactions / Our members wish they always and without any justification by contacting our company the communication channels listed below and required legal instead of bringing their processing of personal data vocational procedures and / or party can stop the commercial electronic communications. According to this clear statement-demand issues, personal data processing and / or communication to the parties for the channel stated stopped within the statutory maximum period of (possible according to the law-required or continue the personal data processing and communications when required). Visitor / Customer / Member wills also, legally required enclosures and / or information other than possible, data is deleted from the recording system or are destroyed or made anonymous identifier to achieve the same purpose so as to be specific. application and demand in these matters will be fulfilled within the legal maximum time explaining the legal justification for the adoption or may be parties (the relevant statutory rights are reserved).

(Disclosure of information relating to a notification on your computer, and cookies and other devices, operations are mentioned above you can edit them).

  • Sites from People Third-Digital Platforms and Applications

Our site (including mobile versions) reached their own privacy-security policies on other sites, the user is effective communication and personal data processing requirements; advertising, content to see, or any other purpose, with information on their use of accessible websites, as well as the sites (and other digital platforms) code of ethics, privacy-security principles, personal data retention and disposal policies, quality of service, conditions of use, cookies-web beacons and like, conflicts that may arise with notifications-proposals and other applications reason, our company is not responsible for the financial and moral damage and losses.

  • Responsibility

Hobiumyarns information or go to its website to enter any website or directly arising from the use there of, indirect, special, consequential or other loss or damage in any way be held responsible. The information contained in this website will be subject to all responsibility for the decisions you will make in the light.

  • Shopping and Other Consumer Transactions

The visitor / the above-mentioned means for the members informed that they and / or communication made to the party, notifications, declarations, promotion and advertising, as a result of a product / service purchase transactions referred to if said further legal and duly respective vendor / provider is subject to make their consumer contracts with. Consumer agreement is implemented between the parties on their own terms.

You do shopping on our site, you will see pre-ordered disclosure form during each process-distance selling contract terms and conditions will apply.

  • On the Site Content Rights

Arranging them with all the information and content on our site, revision and partially / fully in use; According to the agreement our company except for those belonging to other third parties; All intellectual-property rights and property rights of our company.

  • Situations Requiring Disclosure of the Act

In some cases, judicial authorities or from the government subpoena, you should know that you may need to disclose personal information with warrants or orders.

  • Amendments

Our company confidentiality in matters such as personal data storage-use and disposal policy and site terms of use, as well as products that provide customers-members, services and opportunities in reserves the right to make any changes it may consider necessary in campaign etc; These changes will apply from the moment he announced from the site by our Company or other appropriate methods.

Visitors / Customers / Members of our prompt additional information on all these issues, all kinds of demands and complaints may report the following communication channels to reach our company. Relevant laws should demand in a particular procedure (method time-to-shape) in cases needs to be done must be adhered to said procedure.