Pony 3.5 mm 13 cm Aluminium Crochet Hook with Soft Handle - 59807

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  • Length: 13 cm
  • Crochet No: 3.5 mm (E)
  • Series: Pony Ergonomic Hook
  • SKU: 8901003598070

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Customer Reviews

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Christine A.
The perfect hook!

FINALLY! A hook for “knife” hold crochet enthusiasts! This is THE BEST & MOST UNIQUE hook available! Switching up the hold of the hook is best to avoid hand strain. “Pencil” hold is fine, but I learned and always return to the “knife” hold. This hook settles PERFECTLY into the center of the palm. The taper of the handle allows the fingers to close comfortably AND stay in a relaxed position. The overall length of the hook allows the finger to still reach the stitch to hold tension. The “useful” end of the hook is super smooth and strong. The tip of the hook is more pointed than rounded. It glides smoothly over a wide variety of yarns without snagging or splitting. It is strong and well connected to the handle. I’ve used my hooks for a couple of years of daily crocheting and they are solid and durable. My hands adore these hooks!


It is not as comfortable as I expected. Maybe it's just me. The thick part hindered my knitting speed.