Refunds & Cancellation Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and desire to refund/return the products please follow the insturction below;

Firstly, please contact us via email for we can consider if your products are matched with refund conditions or not.

Contact information:


Address: Ortamahalle, Topkapi-Maltepe Road No: 20-22 Bayrampasa/ Istanbul, Turkey.

You may return the products within 15 days of delivery for a full refund of the cost of the products. But the products should be matched with the Refund conditions below;

Refund Conditions;

The products without Payment Bills are unacceptable.

Otherwise, Please return the products to with appropriate packaging (the original undamage packaging is the best). compensetes the cost of shipping from using the right of withdrawal by returning the merchendise, in case using contracted cargo company.

* Refund: After the return procedures completed successfully refunds will be credited to original credit card or bank account within 24 hours. Period of transaction may differ according to your bank.

Non Refundable Products;

Even if this product is unused/not utilized, gives no any right of withdrawal and return. Costom-made products (including merchendise that changed, upgraded and personalised by consumers’ request); open packaged tutorial and guidance products such as pattern, template, etc. publishing as newspaper, magazine, etc. and generally all services instantly provided on electronic media are not accepted for returns.

Cancellation Policy:

When a buyer requests that you cancel an order, the action you take will depend on whether you've already shipped the order.If you've already shipped the order, you should contact us to explain the order has already been shipped and offer the option to return the item. Upon receipt of the return, you can issue a refund for the order. You can contact us via contact form in our main page.