Gazzal Felt Wool, Beige - 6118


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  • Tension: 2
  • Yarn Weight: 7 : Jumbo
  • Content: 100% Wool
  • Ball Weight: 50 g (1.76 oz)
  • Yarn Length: 2 m (2 yd)

Gazzal Felt Wool with 8 beautiful shades made of 100% wool. Felt crafts and hobbies will be more fun.

How to use : Roll your roving into a ball fill the mold with some wool roving and started using the needle tool to carefully punch the needles through the roving. It’s not necessary to punch the needles all the way through only into the center because you’ll eventually flip the felt over and punch from the reverse side.The needles’ barbs tangle the pieces of roving making the wool thicker and denser with each punch. Keep felting until your shape is the density you want it

Ideal for Applique felting,Sculptural felting, Felting Embroidery and for all felting craft.