Nerchau Removable Window Colour, Skin Colour


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Special colour strength and brilliance, Water-based, harmless, low-odour processing, Self-adhesive on all smooth surfaces when dry, Motifs easily removable and reusable, Particularly elastic and resistant to ageing, thus permanently easy to remove.

Window Art colours are removable, transparent and water-based window colours. They are ideal for painting on all smooth surfaces, for example on glass, mirrors and tiles. Excellent decorative effects can be achieved with the 42 colours and 6 contour colours. The contour colours dry after about 30 minutes. The artworks can be removed as a foil after about 24 hours drying and can be placed on the desired object by light pressure. Dried motives are self-adhesive and reusable. The colours show their full colour intensity after drying. Window Art removable window colours bear the CE mark.